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Composer, Film composer, Orchestrator, Pianist


13 jun 2018, Artigo
New Song: World Cup 2018
Pavel Bykov, solo vocal Lena Orsa, lyrics and music Nick Orsa, sound producer Special thanks to Vladimir Osinsky for the amazing studio Moscow 2018
09 mai 2018, Artigo
Дню Победы посвящается...
Друзья, в честь Дня Победы, в честь такого Великого Праздника для вас наша новая песня "БЕССМЕРТНЫЙ ПОЛК" »>  https://youtu.be/cQOlehAXHJA Наша творческая команда: Солист - Павел Быков Стихи - Елена Орса и Николай Орса Музыка, партия фортепиано - Елена Орса Режиссер, оператор - Екатерина Бабченко Звукорежиссер, бэк-вокал - Николай Орса Друзья, благодарим всех вас за поддержку и помощь в записи песни и создании видеоклипа. Отдельное ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО Студии Владимира ...
22 abr 2018, Artigo
NEW ALBUM: Light in Your Heart
Dear Friends, We’re so happy to release our new album ‘ LIGHT IN YOUR HEART ’. Believe it or not, music and happiness are related therefore we’ve composed for you MUSIC of happiness and joy. This album contains compositions for sax quartet, sax duet, saxophone and piano. Ivan Dyma plays all saxophone parts (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone) and both saxophone and piano parts in the Chinese Umbrellas Ragtime. Our MUSIC TEAM: Ivan Dyma, saxophonist, pianist & arranger Lena Orsa, composer ...
09 abr 2018, Artigo
Light in Your Heart
Dear Friends, We’re happy to share with you our new music video ‘Light in Your Heart’.  We hope you like it! New music video is available on YouTube >>>  Lena Orsa, composer & pianist Ivan Dyma, arranger & saxophonist Ekaterina Babchenko, film director Nick Orsa, sound producer Natalya Akulova, producer Special thanks to Vladimir Osinsky for the wonderful studio Moscow 2018
21 fev 2018, Artigo
NEW RELEASE! Let's Go to Zanzibar
Dear friends, I’m happy to share with you my new composition for symphony orchestra ‘ Let's Go to Zanzibar ‘. This music is dedicated to amazing Zanzibar and Freddie Mercury, who was born here. It's my new film music and I plan to add this composition as a soundtrack for a documentary film about Africa.  I hope you will like it. Lena Orsa YOU CAN LISTEN TO 'Let's Go to Zanzibar'  here >>>  or  here >>>
20 dez 2017, Artigo
NEW! A Christmas Tale
Dear friends, I’m happy to share with you my new composition for symphony orchestra ‘ A Christmas Tale ‘. I’ve written this music as a SOUNDTRACK. I hope you will enjoy this music. Merry Christmas! Lena Orsa YOU CAN DOWNLOAD 'A CHRISTMAS TALE' here: Google Play >>> iTunes >>> Amazon >>>
27 nov 2017, Artigo
Winter At The Piano
"When snow falls, nature listens." -  Antoinette van Kleef Dear Friends, I'm happy to share with you my album  Winter At The Piano . It's available to download  on  musicaneo.com  >>>  https://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-267327_winter_at_the_piano_album.html The album contains 10 my best winter compositions: My Morning Song The Winter House The Winter Road under a Pink Sky Icicles Music Old Moscow Old Russian Waltz Touching the ...
15 out 2017, Artigo
New studio album 'The Way to the Rainbow' by Lena Orsa
Dear Friends, I’m so thrilled to release my second studio album ‘The Way to the Rainbow’ and happy to inform you that the album is available on: ♪ iTunes >>>  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-way-to-the-rainbow/id1295352626?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 ♪ Amazon >>>  http://a.co/6sX87Y8 ♪ Google Play >>>  https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Lena_Orsa_The_Way_to_the_Rainbow?id=Bgnme34syx2dvtiwj7grmftkt4q The album has been recorded live at ...
25 set 2017, Artigo
Neoclassical Music and Our Future
Dear Friends and Colleagues, I believe with all my heart that music can save the world. Let's write such music about our amazing world with all light and purity we have in our souls. Now I'm composing new neoclassical compositions for the charitable concerts. It's meditations about our Planet and faraway planets, our life and future, voice of soul and feelings... I'm happy to share with you one of the newest compositions Lullaby for the Earth. It's available here ...
06 set 2017, Artigo
Great News: Noospheric's Debut Album
Dear friends, We are happy to inform you that NOOSPHERIC’s new album  Speed & Freedom  has been released!  It was a long way to create something absolutely new. Energy music for life, sport, driving. Speed & Freedom album is now available on Amazon >>> http://a.co/8e28KuB iTunes >>> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/speed-and-freedom/id1278769338 Thank you for your listening and great support! Nick Orsa & Lena Orsa
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